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Who We Are

The Yoga Mama Co-op emerged from the invaluable community of mothers who grew around what was originally the Pomegranate Center. As yoga teachers and mothers ourselves, we want to provide a continuity of a supportive yoga community for mothers. We offer yoga adapted to what our bodies need from a yoga practice throughout the new parent journey, from pregnancy, through the early stages of being a new parent all the way through mothering once your child(ren) are ‘independent.’​

Who We Are: About
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Amber Charne

Prenatal Pod Coordinator

Raised in Woodacre, and now returned to Woodacre to raise her children, Amber values a unique community. As a mama to two young boys continual learning and receiving support has been crucial in the journey of pregnancy and parenting. Passionate about connection and presence, Amber weaves mindfulness, breath and movement to help create an experience that is explorative and nurturing, fostering an opportunity for calmness, grounding and a greater sense of hereness.


Veronica Geretz

New Mama Pod Coordinator

Veronica is committed to promoting peace, first within one’s own self and then in our communities, through her work as a yoga teacher. She started teaching yoga the same year she became a mother, and credits yoga with keeping her sane amidst the tumult mothering can be. Listen to an Honest Mama's podcast featuring Veronica chronicling the role yoga and mindfulness continues to play in allowing her to thrive as a mother. ​Learn more about Veronica @ 


Natalie Scheuring

Mom Pod Coordinator

As a teacher, Natalie strives to create an environment in which students are inspired to reach their full potential through yoga, encouraging the cultivation of self-acceptance for their bodies and appreciation of their inherent abilities. Natalie’s classes are a dynamic flow taught with a focus on alignment principles and mindfulness techniques. As a mother of two, Natalie finds the practice of yoga to be invaluable when trying to stay grounded and present through the ups and downs of parenting.

Who We Are: Team
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